About Us


  Welcome to The Reel, my name is Jessie and I am the founder of The Reel. I have always enjoyed movies and television shows from the past as well as from the present and my enjoyment for cinema has gotten me into the memorabilia field. 

  Our goal is to provide you with awesome and unique entertainment memorabilia, experiences and a lot more. We're going to offer fair pricing and excellent customer service. We are all fans here, for me this is more than a business it's a cool hobby to share with other fans.

We are a small company just starting out so we would appreciate your business very much. We have some really cool ideas in mind to share with all the fans and we look forward to bringing these plans to life.

We also value your input, we are here for you, the fans, if you would like to see us carry a certain product or have advice for our company we would love to hear your suggestions.

Thank you for visiting us at The Reel.


Phone:  (859) 800-Reel (7335)
eMail:    evansjf@thereel.fans