Monthly Giveaways


Our monthly social media giveaways.


We have multiple giveaways every month for our fellow fans. All you have to do is follow us on any of our social media accounts and be the first one to post the correct answer to the trivia question we post.


  • Subscribe to our mailing list to get the time and dates that some of the questions will be posted. As a subscriber, you will also be able to see the prizes you'll be playing for. You can sign up for our monthly newsletter by clicking Subscribe.
  • Follow and like us on Facebook to answer one of the trivia questions for the month. A trivia question will be posted sometime during the month and just be the first person to post the correct answer and win that prize.
  • Follow us on Twitter to get a chance of winning a different monthly prize. The same rules apply to our Twitter account, be the first one to answer and post the correct answer and you win the prize.
  • Follow us on Instagram to get a chance at winning some Funko Pop Figures. Winning prizes on our Instagram account is a little different than our other social media accounts. With Instagram, it all has to do with Pops, Pop questions to win Pop figures. During the month will randomly post Pop questions related to entertainment and again, be the first one to post the correct answer and win the Funko Pop figure. 
All the shipping and handling is included. At this time we only ship within the United States. We hope you have fun and win some really cool stuff.
Good Luck.